Friday, February 3, 2012

high chair

we cant believe lucy is old enough to sit in a high chair!  just this past weekend when we went out to lunch with dj, kristen and little caleb they had set up a high chair right next to caleb for us.  we had never put lucy in a high chair before so we didnt try it thinking she probably couldnt do it.  well later on in the week i finally got the missing part in the mail to her high chair and proceeded to put it together.  after it was all set up according to her size we popped her in there and what do you know she's sitting in it nice and pretty!  makes us wonder how long she's been ready to sit in a high chair!  im glad she's ready because our couch needs a break from all the sticky fingers.

we love the high chair we chose for lucy.  its made by a scandinavian company called svan.  made out of wood the chair grows with your child from baby to adult.  each piece is adjustable.  you can take the tray off and slide your child up to the table to join the rest of the family.  and as they get bigger you can adjust the seat and footrest.  you can also reconfigure it into an adult chair so it can be used later on too.  i think the design is genius and makes a lot of sense, instead of buying a plastic high chair that gets thrown away in a few months why not invest in something that you will have always.  and really if you find it on sale like we did its not much more then any other high chair.  i also love that it matches our furniture.  it comes in a whole bunch of wood stains and there's also colorful cushions for the seat and backrest.  and a plastic tray that pops off for easy cleaning.

the footrest that nate is using is really suppose to be the seat on a adult chair so for an adult your feet just rest on the floor.

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