Friday, February 10, 2012

girly girl

when i found out i was having a girl i thought to myself that my daughter was not going to be very girly girl because i'm not that type of girl myself.  my friends can all tell you that i don't know the first thing about hair and makeup.  i wear the same shoes and the little jewelry i wear, i wear everyday.  i do have one small obsession...bags.  i love all bags and i don't discriminate.  i love my $5 flea market bag just as much as my louis and chanels.  i always told nate "one day when we have a girl she'll have my whole bag collection."  well we have little lucy now and i can't believe how much more girly i am with her.  i put her in dresses and yesterday went on a hunt for more hair accessories for her.  and she has a shoe collection!  a shoe collection that she's yet to wear!  but i blame nate for that one, the first thing he ever bought lucy were shoes, before she was even born!

its been fun being girly girl with lucy and she just looks so darn cute with her little hair clips.  who knows i might even learn a few things from lucy and do my hair more.

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