Saturday, February 18, 2012

6 moons

lucy is halfway to her 1st birthday!
this past month she seems to really have grown.  it seemed she went from not doing a whole lot to really becoming a little person.  she sits up pretty much all the time now, joins us at the table in her high chair.  she's starting to really understand some words we use often.  she really gets into the books we read her, she has her favorites and she touches the people or animals on the pages.  she just seems to be interacting with her surroundings so much like a little person.  i love just sitting and watching her, wondering what's going through her little brain.  it's pretty amazing to watch her experience everything for the first time.  everything is new and exciting for her.  we love her so much!  happy 6 months little lucy!

her first little fort, she loved it!

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