Wednesday, January 18, 2012

5 moons

lucy is 5 months today!  its a big milestone for her because today she rolled over for the first time by herself!  and yesterday she learned to sit by herself with no help.
apparently she's been ready to do these things and we just didnt know.  i took her to a moms group at the hospital yesterday where they have a dr there to answer questions.  she showed me how to prop lucys legs apart and set her hands in between to support herself.  she said that lucy is definitely strong enough to be doing these things.  she also showed us how to get her to roll over by placing toys just out of her reach.  well today i laid her down on her back with some toys and i looked away for a few minutes, when i looked back she was on her tummy staring at me!  i quickly ran downstairs and got the camera!  i rolled her onto her back again and she did it again!  hooray for lucy, happy 5 months baby!

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