Friday, January 13, 2012

4 month shots

what a day to be taking lucy out for her 4 month checkup.  its 17 degrees snowy and windy out.  but lucy did incredible.  she didnt cry very much, and fell asleep after awhile.  when she woke up she was back to all smiles!  i think the shots are harder on us as parents then the little one.
i wonder if babies have memory at this age?  as soon as we laid her down on the doctors table she started whimpering almost as if she remembered what happened last time she was there.  she cried way less this time around, we almost thought we were going to make it out of there without even a fuss!
lucys 15.3lb and 26.2inches.  she's in the 61% for her weight and 91% for height!  i wonder if she's going to be a really tall girl?  
we were given the ok to start her on veggies and fruit.  at 5months dr recommended she starts eating cereal twice a day and fruits/veggies once a day.  next week she'll be 5months!  i cant wait to make her some sweet potato for her first taste of veggies. 
daddy and lucy at dr office

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