Friday, January 6, 2012


ive been really excited to cook my own babyfood for lucy.  its something ive been looking forward to since i was pregnant.  some books say not to start baby food until 6months due to allergies.  others say you can start at 4months.  so we've kinda just given it to her here and there.  so far she's had bananas, pears, and for the first time today apples!
i made the apples fresh using our new baby cooker.  its a 3 in 1 system you can steam, puree, and reheat.  its pretty convenient but certainly not necessary to make your own baby food.  all you need really is a steamer and blender.

i also picked up a few cookbooks:

my favorite so far is the tyler florence one.  actually i love it!  it has recipes for every stage of feeding your baby.  the recipes are also made for the entire family to enjoy.  it has recipes in there like braised beef with apples and roots and you serve the adults the beef and veggies and for kids you take the items and blend it up in a food processor.  how genius! yummy for adults and kids!  the best part is all the recipes are fairly simple and delicious looking.  most of his recipes are one pan roasts, just throw everything together on one cookie sheet and stick it in the oven.
something funny was after i had read through the entire book front to back i looked on the back flap where they always write about the author and it said he lived in mill valley, ca!  what a coincidence we had stayed there during our visit to audreys wedding.  and i remember walking around town and coming across this really awesome cooking store.  it blows williams and sonoma plus sur la table away!  its called the tyler florence shop.  at the time i remember seeing a section with a bunch of babyfood stuff but i barely glanced at it.  well it turns out tyler florence also has a whole line of organic baby foods called sprout.  some of the advanced stage foods are beef and vegetable lasagna, curried red lentils and carrots, ginger chicken.  mmmm! sounds delicious! here's the link: sprout
i cant wait till lucy is older and we can start experimenting in the kitchen together!

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