Wednesday, January 4, 2012


i have been on what my friends like to call "staycation!"  nates been off from christmas thru new years.  he says he cant remember the last time he was off for that many days and we didnt go somewhere.  hence the term "staycation."  i didnt mind at all it was nice to have nate home with lucy and i.  i enjoyed sleeping in everyday he was home.  nates a morning person so hes usually awake before lucys up.  lucy got to hang out with daddy every morning.  lucy and i got used to nate being home, we wish that he could be home everyday with us!  
pictures during our staycation:

first taste of pears! 
yes, we got lazy and didnt put our ornaments up

i love the new coke bottles, polar bears!

daddy reading "the night before christmas" on christmas eve

yummy desert macy made

lucy ripping open some of her presents!


shopping day with the girls

"prime" steak i found at giant eagle!! and brussels sprouts! yum!


more cuteness

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