Monday, November 21, 2011


we took lucy to the zoo for the wildlights this past weekend.  we think she would've enjoyed it if she was awake for it!  she slept the entire time.  i guess i would sleep too if i was all bundled up and cozy in a polar bear suit.  we did wake her up at the end and she got to see some of the lights.  we're going to take her again and not let her sleep this time.  hopefully we'll get another warm night to do this.  it was in the 50's when we went.

i think im one of the few people in their 30's that still LOVES the zoo.  i try to drag anyone and everyone i can to the zoo with me!  i remember taking my parents and cousin there thinking it would be a great outing, i think i was the only one that enjoyed it....=(   i have since realized not everyone enjoys the zoo like i do.  so i bought a zoo membership and started going there almost on a weekly basis by myself.  last year when they finally put in the polar bear exhibit i was there so often that the keepers were probably thinking "here comes that crazy girl thats obsessed with the bears!" i could sit for hours just watching those polar bears!  i love them!  naturally when i had lucy and saw the polar bear suit at carters i had to buy it and take her to the zoo in it! =)  i cant wait 'till lucy gets older and i can drag her to the zoo with me.  she'll probably turn out to be the only kid that hates the zoo because she's so sick of it!

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