Wednesday, November 30, 2011

rice cereal

lucy tried rice cereal for the first time the other night.  we decided to go ahead and give her some rice cereal even though she's only a little over 3 months.  i mixed it with her formula and we spoon fed her.  we were so excited for her first "solid" food experience, that when she cried and didn't really want it we were so disappointed.  we laughed about it and thought how silly we were to think that she would just miraculously take to eating something she's never had before and off a spoon!  we waited a bit then gave it another try.  this time she took to it!  we couldn't tell if she liked it or not.  
last night we tried giving her some again and this time i mixed it with water.  she seemed to like it a lot more then the previous night.  she ate quite a bit.  and last night slept for 8hrs straight.  not sure if it had anything to do with the rice cereal.   doctor said she could start on rice cereal at 4 months.  well she's almost 4 months and lately we've noticed she gets hungry quicker and quicker.  so we thought it was time to try some solids.  we're probably just going to stick to cereal once a day for now, but i cant wait till she really starts eating.  i'm really looking forward to making my own baby food when the time comes!
give me more!!

nom nom nom

look mommy im sitting up and eating!

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