Monday, November 14, 2011

city by the bay

we flew out to san francisco for my closest friends wedding last weekend.  we were nervous about the trip traveling with lucy at only two and half months old.  but she did great!  she slept the entire time on the flight out there and the flight back she did pretty good only fussing a little.  i thought i would have to pack so much stuff with such a little baby but surprisingly it wasnt too much different then when it was just the two of us traveling.  of course it is a little different with a car seat and stroller and diaper bag but it really wasnt as difficult as i thought, which is a good thing because we will be more inclined to keep traveling with lucy.  of course we also had grandmas help which made a huge difference!  we cant thank her enough for going with us on the trip!

we visit san francisco quite often with audrey being there and every time i'm there i cant get over how beautiful that city is.  im reminded that the place you live can make a world of difference in your everyday life...does that makes sense?  i love the fog, the ocean and the people there.  i feel very at home there.  i guess part of the reason is that, that was my childhood home for a few years.  my family lived there during my elementary years.  i remember going into the city on the weekends and getting dimsum, flying kites in golden gate park, the pink box filled with yummy egg custard tarts, and telling my dad to go faster and faster up and down the hilly streets.  its a beautiful place that holds some fond memories.

the wedding was so special!  nate and i both agreed it was the best wedding we've ever been a part of.  words cant really describe it and my poor pictures really dont do it much justice either.  all i can say is there was a lot of love that day up at the marin headlands!  congratulations audrey and craig!

can you believe this is airport food!

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