Friday, November 18, 2011

3 moons

yay lucy is 3 months old!!!  it seems like its been more then 3 months, so much has changed and happened.  in the span of three months lucys gone on her first overnight trip to nana and grandpas house, went on her first airplane ride, saw the beach (even tho she was sleeping).  Drank her first 8ouncer!  watches tv (daddy doesnt like this).  rolls onto her side.  laughs and smiles at everything.
i think back to when i wrote the post about my first trip out with lucy and what an experience that was.  back then i never thought i'd get to the point where'd i'd be comfortable with just packing lucy in the car and going anywhere.  now we go everywhere, to the mall, take her to meet daddy for lunch.
i also remember back when lucy would not stop crying, if she wasnt eating or sleeping she was crying.  wow!! so much has changed, nate and i constantly say how lucky we are to have such a good baby.  its like someone flipped the cry switch at 5 weeks.  she never cries not even when her diaper needs changed nor when shes hungry.  i have to set my watch to feed her because she doesnt cry.  she's been sleeping every night for 10 hrs.  she always sleeps 7hrs the first stretch then wakes and eats and sleeps for another 3 hrs.  yes i know i'm very very lucky to be getting so much sleep.  the other night she slept for 10 hrs and we had to wake her up to feed her.
well we hope she continues to be a happy baby for us.  we'll see how things go when her teeth come in! 

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