Monday, December 9, 2013

there is nothing like the feeling of being on the chairlift headed up for your first run of the season.  we decided to spend thanksgiving at beaver creek since we have no family around.  it was their opening weekend and there were plenty of festivities that were great for lucy too.  lucy actually looked forward to "mountain school" everyday.  we called daycare "mountain school" to drum it up a bit.
we had a lot of fun checking out beaver creek, our goal is to visit all the different mountains and find our favorite.  beaver creek is a great mountain for kids, they sure know how to spoil kids!  chefs in white hats handed out warm chocolate chip cookies everyday at the bottom of the runs at closing time.  there was free smores at our hotel every night right after the cookies and every morning we walked down to hot chocolate in the lobby.  needless to say lucy loved it!  we'll definitely consider beaver creek next year when lucy begins ski school.  the way ski school is set up is super convenient for parents and they have a dedicated gondola for little ones to get up the bunny slope.  pretty clever so they don't have to tackle getting on and off a lift just yet.  all in all we were spoiled and had a great time over thanksgiving.  of course as soon as we got home they got hit with a foot of snow!  looks like we'll just have to get back up there sometime soon.

all my iPhone pics are acting funny here on blogger.  blurry.  probably from me sending too many pics at once.  oh well.  

she really like these frogs, she wanted to take pics with them everyday


trying to get lucy to make snow angels

she's got her own little season pass!

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