Thursday, December 12, 2013

"o christmas tree, o christmas tree forever green your branches…"  at least let's hope so this year.  we picked the coldest day of the year to go get our tree.  it was single digits and lucy was shivering the whole time.  sometimes we fail miserably at putting proper clothes on our child.  we thought she'd be warm?? fail.  she was still pretty excited about it though.  leading up to the day she kept talking about decorating the tree with "O-NA-MENTS" and putting purple lights up (her favorite color).  she never stops talking about her favorite color or pointing out whatever "PU-PLE" (silent r) thing she spots.  she was pretty excited to find santa at the tree farm too!  she had her first taste of a candy cane.  we picked out a pretty tree and they roped it to our roof and we hurried home to get it into water.  we are having way better luck this year and the tree is still looking pretty good.  last year our tree died within a few days.  we've always had fake trees until we moved to boulder and didn't bring our tree, not that it would have fit anywhere its 14'.  i've enjoyed the real trees the last two years.  they sure do smell good!  and doesn't require as many O-NA-MENTS to decorate!  

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