Tuesday, December 17, 2013

pics from the weekend

there has been tons of free kids activities around town with the holidays this month.  we've been trying to take advantage of all of them.  friday night there was a showing of charlie brown's christmas or a christmas music event at our church.  we picked the event at our church even though it wasn't free but it was for a good cause.  our church collaborated with the boulder symphony for a fun holiday music show.  in my mind i thought it was "jingle, bells" and "santa's coming to town" which right now lucys favorite song is jingle bells.  it turned out to be traditional christmas songs and hymns.  still very beautiful and lucy sat through the entire hour and forty-five minutes of.  halfway through nate and i looked at each other and both thought the same thing, should've picked charlie brown! lol!  afterwards we walked down the street for our favorite nutella desert.
the next day lucy got to see santa on pearl street.  she literally ran up to santa and had the biggest grin sitting there in his lap.  that evening she got to see santas reindeers and santa again at macys.  what a treat to be able to see santa twice in one day!
we skipped church sunday and decided to head to denver to the museum of nature and science.  now why haven't we been there sooner?  awesome place!
we had a fun filled weekend.

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