Thursday, June 13, 2013

yoghurt covered raisins and the stolen pumpkin bread bite

this is what lucy does with yoghurt covered raisins...
i don't get it, she'll down a whole cup of plain raisins.

we went to the park one morning and on the way there i stopped to get a cup of coffee and a slice of the most divine pumpkin bread.  i put the pumpkin bread in the bottom of the stroller and completely forgot about it.  until we got back from the park and find this in the bottom of the stroller!  some kid at the park had got into our pumpkin break and sneaked a bite or two!! and it looks like they gnawed right through the wrapper!  kids and their antics! i swear grrr!


  1. My lord! Don't they feed their kids out there! :) That's funny.

  2. lucy is so cute!

    could the culprit have been an animal eating the bread?