Tuesday, June 11, 2013


our blog is starting to look like we are hiking fools.  we've been practically living outside everyday.  and on the weekends we're looking for new hikes.  after seeing the bear last week, our first hike this weekend on saturday was not as much fun.  we were so nervous we couldn't really enjoy it.  we hiked betasso and it was pretty deserted while we were there.  and then of course at the trailhead there's a big sign posted about mountain lions in that area.  sunday we went and hiked royal arch with our friends and that was a crowded hike no need to worry about wildlife.  but man was that an intense hike!  vertical up all the way to the arch.  that was a workout!  even lucy was worn out despite the fact all she did was sit in the carrier.

lucy and nates art at farmers market

silent disco--ppl dancing with headphones and hoola hooping 

at betasso there were some historical buildings from the original betasso family!  i love this stuff!

100+ yr house,  this one room log cabin that housed a family of 7 puts it in perspective for me as i worried about not finding a big enough place to live.

ernie betasso's initials out of bullet casings. 

like a fake backdrop

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  1. lions tigers and bears oh my!!

    it looks so amazing! i'm exhausted from looking at the pics yet in awe of the scenery!