Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the tulips are in full bloom along pearl street and it seem like spring happened overnight here in boulder.  all the trees are no longer bare but with lush green leaves.  and the change on the mountains surrounding us is truly amazing.  the mountains have always been bare and brown since we've been here.  not knowing we just thought thats how they look year round.  so wrong, they are lushly green with wildflowers!

we've been getting out and doing a lot of hiking.  we even picked up a boulder hiking book.  our little family is really getting into hiking.  lucy enjoys it and so do i.  i even tried the pack the other day on a pretty laid back trail.  i was surprised it's easier then it looks.  of course thats on a pretty flat trail, but we really enjoy the ones that go up!  we checked out the mesa trail this weekend which led us to bear canyon trail where there's bear sightings.  i think we made it about halfway up bear canyon trail and we saw this spot under a big rock that looked like it could've been a perfect bear den.  we got a little spooked and quickly turned around. ha!  they really don't mess around with the bears and mountain lions out here. they clearly mark on the trails and advise you about what to do if you see a bear or mountain lion.  honestly i hope we never run into either.  

lucy also started going to a little preschool here in boulder.  she goes two mornings a week. and so far she's been really enjoying it.  they have chickens that lay eggs and a garden with a strawberry patch and vegetables. they told me today that she enjoys feeding the chickens grass.  we hope this will make up for the lack of kids interaction she's gotten since we moved here.  we had such a great supportive goup of moms and kiddos back home that i often worry she's missing out here.  i hope she will continue to enjoy it at school.

lately lucy has also been saying some funny stuff.  she uses the word remember perfectly.  she will take my phone and look at pictures and show me and say "remember blah blah blah" its really funny and cute.  still amazes me how she picks up words.  she also uses the word too all the time now.  i'll say "i'm hungry" and she quickly says "i'm hungry too"  or basically anything nate and i say she'll tag along with a too.  last night she turned to me after our bike ride down the street for some desert. she said  "my stomach hurts" and i thought i'd heard her wrong because she's never really communicated a physical emotion or feeling. so i asked her "what's wrong?" and she replied, "my tummy hurts."  it wasn't funny but i laughed because it was so sweet and cute.  i told her "my stomach hurts too it's from all the desert we ate."  i can see how fun it is going to get as they get older and can communicate more.  she's also been asking me "what's that?" about everything that she doesn't know a word to.  i'm sure the "why?" will be coming on shortly.  i love it though it's great to watch her little brain work like a sponge and soak everything in.  

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  1. its so cool how you can ride your bikes everywhere!!