Thursday, May 30, 2013

we had a busy holiday weekend.  nate ran in the bolder boulder with a new friend we met.  then afterwards went on a hike with our new friends.  it's fun meeting people that are like minded with similar interests.  it's not too hard to find people that like to get outdoors.  it's boulder!

we hopped over to the boulder creek festival throughout the weekend.  it reminded me a bit like comfest except much bigger with a health vibe.  they had every kind of health, sports, nutrition booths you could imagine.  there were 4 different stages with great music.  a kids area with activities and rides.  and on the last day we stumbled upon the "fair."  it was kind of funny to see a fair set up in downtown boulder.  of course we had to get a funnel cake.  who knows when i'll see another funnel cake stand in boulder!?

on memorial day we went to a cookout.  another new friend we had met.  they had this beautiful farm and the views were amazing out there.  it was fun to chat with new people but nate and i both left the party missing our friends back home.  the evening was just so familiar, a cookout we would've had with our friends.  the only thing different they weren't OUR friends.  nate and i are constantly torn about our decision to be out here.  we love the way of life here and what colorado has to offer us.  the beautiful surroundings and great weather.  the people and their mindset.  but we often think about friends and family back in ohio.  we miss them deeply.  it makes us sad that we're missing the little and big milestones in our friend's and family's lives.  we continue to wonder and pray what is the best for our family.

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  1. miss you guys too! so much! loving that you have friends to hang with out there! i love the pic of the guy carrying his kid next to nate carrying lucy!