Thursday, May 9, 2013

nana and papa are here

nana and papa are here and lucy is pretty thrilled about that!
she got a bunch of new hair clips one of them being a mickey mouse one.
she loves it when papa gets her from her crib.  i've never seen her snuggle the way she does with papa.
she loves nana reading to her.  she makes her read the books over and over.
one day we went to the butterfly pavilion and a butterfly landed right on her finger.  she had a silly grin on her face and seemed pretty happy until a minute later she realized it wasn't going away.  then she wanted it off.  i was afraid she was going to smash it but she just kept saying "no, no, no"  we shook the butterfly off and it flew back again.  i wonder if she's going to want them to land on her again.  she usually goes in there and immediately puts both hands out in hopes a butterfly will land on her. 


  1. the butterfly landing on her finger is amazing! i can't even stand how cute she is!