Wednesday, April 24, 2013

we took lucy to disney on ice a few weeks back and she enjoyed it very much.  she loves mickey and especially goofy.  i'm not sure why she favors goofy over mickey.  i'm kind of excited to share disneyland with lucy.  i love that place, we were always going there as a child.  living in california even school field trips were to there.  i think i have more fun then the average child at disney! ha!  i guess i'm just a big kid!
she clutched her little mickey and waited patiently for mickey and gang to reappear in between the acts.  but towards the end she was getting into the lion king and little mermaid acts.
i wish disneyland was closer, i'd buy a season pass and take lucy there everyday!

there's been a few signs of spring here in colorado, but not much.  flowers galore at the grocery stores and a few tulips here and there along pearl st.  i know back home my tulips must be in full bloom and the peonies probably slowly pushing up.  and the dogwood tree is probably full of beautiful white blooms.  i'm sad and missing my garden back home.  i remember each and every little flower i've planted over the years.  the fall i spent an afternoon with camryn planting purple muscaris and every spring when the flowers pop up, i remind her when we planted them together.  the english roses i carefully picked out and planted with nate.  the lilies of the valley that my mother in law joy shared with me from her garden.  and my favorite peonies that burst into bloom and are to be enjoyed briefly.  and the hydrangeas that bloom heavily and lasts through summer.  oh how i miss my garden and house!  it doesn't make the house hunting any easier here.  we are continuing our frantic search although we were able to buy a little extra time with the place here.  i feel like every free moment in the day are being spent on this house hunt.  i've become best friends with the MLS site here.  bleh!

anyways i can't wait to be settled somewhere and shake this in limbo feeling i have all the time.
hope everyone is enjoying spring!

butterfly-it's always fun when nate has a "work from home" day!

thought this little area so cute, at the whole foods in boulder.  comes with dogsize water fountains, toys and dog biscuit gumdrop machine.

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