Wednesday, April 10, 2013

we got a lot of snow! 14.5" total.  i've never seen so much snow fall all at once.  and whats amazing it's completely melted off all the roads already today.  that's how strong this sun is at this elevation.  it's crazy.  kinda scary!  i wear my sunblock daily regardless of what the weather is like.  no premature wrinkles for me, no thank you.

it was really beautiful though while the snow was coming down, we took a walk to dinner last night after it finally stopped and i snapped a few pictures.  i think I also mentioned this but we have this incredible view of the flatirons from our condo.  our entire south facing walls on both floors are made up of windows and really take advantage of the flatiron views.  i wish i could set my camera up and just snap pictures of those majestic peaks throughout the day.  they constantly change, from bright and jagged to moody and misty, to snow covered with the peaks barely peaking through.  a lot of times during lucy's naps i just sit here and stare at them.  i'll miss this view once we move in june.  which leads me to our current dilemma.  we are house hunting frantically and there is just nothing on the market right now.  i'm not sure whats going to happen, probably end up in a short term lease somewhere while we continue to look.

we're taking a break this weekend though while our friends come into town for some spring skiing in aspen.  we are looking forward to the matyacs and scotty's 21st!

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  1. That's great snow for the ski slopes! You guys got so much!