Thursday, April 4, 2013

emma's visit

emma came to visit us on her spring break!  we had a lot of fun hanging out with a teenager.  it made me think about when lucy gets older and what that would be like.  let me tell you it's way way easier taking care of a 13 yr old rather then a 1.5yr old.  a part of me wants to enjoy lucy as a kid but another part of me can't help wondering how much easier it will get the older she is.  it will be nice i imagine.

we bought a carrier for lucy while emma was here so that we could all go hiking.  we did a few hikes and they were pretty awesome.  i think were really going to enjoy hiking out here as long as nate is hauling lucy's butt around.  climbing up a steep side of a mountain is already pretty tough i can't imagine what carrying an extra 20 pounds on your back is like.  i can see why people get addicted to hiking and climbing, the views are pretty rewarding at the top and it just makes you want to find higher and bigger mountains for the view.

we had fun emma! hope you'll be back soon, lucy's already been asking about you today!

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