Tuesday, September 18, 2012

turks and caicos replay...

here are the pics, it took me a minute to go through them.  there's just so many, there's still too many so just scroll on through if your over them.  who wants to look at other peoples vacation pictures right???

we had a great time, so glad my parents also got to experience it.  i think the best part for me was watching my parents snorkel.  they loved it and snorkeled everyday!  i wished that lucy was old enough to see all the fish that were swimming around just below her dangling toes.

if i could i would live there.  we met this beautiful family on the beach that had just moved there from london.  they had the awesome accent and chicness of europeans.  when i asked how long they've been there her reply was "we just moved here sunday." oh i was so jealous!  to be able to just pick up and move to a carribean island!  and they seemed like the kind of family that didn't mull over it forever and just did it on a whim.

nate says i must've been some kind of sea animal in a past life.  i could swim in the ocean all day and not get out.  i feel so comfortable and at ease in the ocean.  it washes all my stress away.  it has that effect on me.  maybe thats why i'm always looking to get to the ocean somewhere.

we were hoping lucy was going to start walking on vacation.  it would've been a great story to tell her someday.  she only took a few steps from one furniture to the next.  we did a lot of cooking for her on this trip.  last time was much easier when she was on bottles and baby food.

things that i don't want to forget:

lucy giggling in the back seat of the car with the wind blowing in her hair and nothing but a diaper on.

my parents snorkeling and feeding the fish.

nate rocking his long hair and tan like a local.

the beautiful sunset we shared on leeward beach.

our first sea turtle experience

lucy pointing at boats and signing boat.

our 10hr, let me correct that 12hr layover in miami. (lucy fared the best out of all of us on this one)

hanging out as a family with my parents on a island in the carribean. ♥ 

i just remembered another one, i want to remember the completely freeing and beautiful weightless feeling i felt as i was suspended beneath the water staring at the fish and coral when it started raining.  the light changed and made the water crystal gin clear.  i looked up at the surface of the water and it was like a million diamonds were being dropped from the sky.
i wanted to stay out there forever, i popped my head up out of the water and saw that everyone had gotten out.  a little rain was not going to hurt, we were in the ocean?? so i slowly sank back under into my little beautiful water world.

see the line of rocks, where we snorkeled daily.  saw a blowfish one day!

i love this picture of my parents

one day were going to get down there and kayak through those islands

what a spot for a nap. lucy's little napping tent.

12hr layover

the markings on his shell blends in with the seagrass

these are my yoga poses

doras galore!

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  1. those pics are amazing! you are looking so hottttt!! i want your tummy! it's so flat and perfect! we are so going to turks soon! it looks gorge!!