Sunday, September 9, 2012

houston, we have take-off

lucy is officially walking! it literally happened overnight.  friday night she took six or seven steps then saturday my parents practiced with her a little and she started walking longer and longer distances.  today she is all over the house walking by herself!  i'm hanging out in the kitchen and she's just taking laps around the kitchen bar.  i can hear her feet pitter patter when she disappears from view.  i guess since it took her till now to walk she didn't need any practice.  i feel like she's walking like a pro already.  so weird to see her go from completely not walking one day to full on all day walking.

i've been trying to post some video of her walking but for some reason it's not working. grrrrr!
also i need to go buy some baby gates now she's more mobile, we don't want her tumbling down the stairs.  although she knows how to go up and downstairs already.  i think my saving grace is she's a super cautious and careful type of baby.  i mean look at how long it took her to walk, she wanted to make sure she GOT IT.

hmmm, i also need to reevaluate our babyproofing.  now that shes walking everywhere i think there's more things for her to get into.  ie a fake flower pot on our end table that she's never tried to pull down even when she was standing by the end table.  today she showed interest in it.  we haven't really "babyproofed" our house that much.  i think we covered up a few plugs and used rubber bands to keep a few cabinet doors shut and thats about it.  she doesn't get into much, it must be her personality.

anyways my parents also left to go back home today.  they were here for 2 months and it was really great.  it's really going to start sinking in the next few weeks that it's back to me and lucy everyday by ourselves.  i've got to get myself back on a good schedule.  no more free for all.

have a safe flight mom and dad.  lucy's missing you guys already.


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  1. yay Lucy Loo!! That is just awesome! I'm so glad you're parents were here to see her walk! Did Nate get to see it before he left? I can't wait to see if first hand!