Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yesterday i made homemade fish sticks for lucy.  they were fun to make.  i bought fresh cod and cut them into little strips and battered and pan fried them for a minute before sticking them in the oven to finish.  while making them i kept thinking if lucy does not eat these i'm going to cry.  because there has been times when i've taken the time to make her something other then what we're eating only to have her refuse it completely.  its like a stab in the heart after all your time and effort.  but luckily she ate them up.  nate and i snuck in a few pieces ourselves. 

after cooking for lucy and nate i went out with my girlfriends for a fun birthday dinner.  i love my little group of friends we go out almost every month for someones birthday and its just a great time for us girls to catch up and have fun.  i got a bunch of gifts that were all so thoughtful and sweet because each and every single one of them was something that i loved and couldn't wait to use.  thats when you know you've got some good friends!

lucy couldn't get enough of our neighbors puppy.  completely adorable and cuter then lucy.  she wanted to give it kisses the whole time.

life has finally settled back into a nice comfy routine.  most mornings lucy and i are out doing something with our mommy friends or at the library.  we wake up at 9 and usually are out the door to play by 10.  i signed lucy up for the little gym on wednesdays and i think she's going to like that.

there was about a week there where i thought i was never going to survive.  my parents had just left, lucy was transitioning to one nap, and clung to me like velcro all day.  i finally figured out her little "velcro phase" was probably due to my parents leaving.  i think she was freaked out that i was going to leave and not come back.  poor lucy must've been hard wondering where her "ah ma" and "ah gon" went.  but yes life has resumed to a nice normal pace and we're looking forward to some pumpkins, warm apple cider and candy!


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