Tuesday, May 15, 2012

lucy's becoming more and more mobile.  a part of me is excited at her new mobility and another part of me is thinking "uh-oh".  she's able to move around and keep herself occupied by getting into everything which is good but i have to keep a close watch now.  i guess that probably means we should start thinking about baby proofing the house.  i still think as long as i'm keeping an eye on her its all good.  she seems to listen pretty well when i tell her "no you can't eat that" she usually stops trying to put whatever it is into her mouth.  all of our furniture are pretty sturdy big pieces so now that she's scaling our furniture i'm not too worried about that either.

on another note, lucy is sick again.  she had her first fever this past weekend.  nate was worried, pretty worried.  i was eh so so.  i kept reminding myself that fevers are our bodys natural way of fighting off the bug.  we did end up giving her some ibuprofen when her fever reached 103.  she's a lot better now but is having difficulty drinking her milk...her nose is clogged up so she's breathing through her mouth.
anyhow i hope she gets better soon before we leave for our vacation next week.

i thought this picture was super cute.  she loves that darn cat so much!  too bad its not reciprocated.

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