Monday, May 21, 2012

i really should be packing instead of blogging.  ughhh but i needed a little break while lucy's napping.  im really not sure what i've gotten us into by planning a trip with lucy.  i'm excited for our beach trip but nervous too.  everyone i've spoke to that have taken their baby to the beach has said it was a lot of work and their baby's hated the ocean but loved the pool.  well, if i wanted to go to the pool i'd just go down the street!

i know its not going to be like our trips in the past, no lounging around reading magazines.  laying on the beach the ENTIRE day with only a care about "hmm, am i getting an even enough tan?" no going to the spa and staying there all day.  or hopping around the island in search of the perfect desolate beach, and finding all the local hangouts and yummy foods...but i'd like to think that we'll have some fun showing lucy new things and watching the excitement on her face as she sinks her feet into the sand for the first time.  watching her look out at the waves with curiosity, wondering whats going through her little head as she takes in all the newness.

anyways too late for any doubts we're leaving wednesday and i gots to get back to packing instead of lollygagging on the internet!!!

leave you with some iphone pics...
lucys greens

i love my peonies

fell asleep standing

two men and a baby

"take me please!"

nate left fresh cut roses in lucys room this morning, sweet.

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