Monday, December 19, 2011

holiday cards

i love receiving christmas cards!  every year as the 25th creeps closer and closer i run out to my mailbox as soon as i hear the mail lady drive by to check for any new christmas cards.  its the only time that i beat nate to the mailbox.  nates another weirdo he enjoys getting the mail and going through and sorting them.  so usually i leave it for him but during the holidays i like to get the mail.
for the past few years we always hand make our own christmas cards.  its so much fun and it gets us into the holiday spirit.  this year i knew i probably wouldn't have that much time with a new baby so we did what we'd always say we would never do......PUT OUR KID ON THE CHRISTMAS CARD aaagghhh! one year i put our cat max on the card to poke fun at all the people that did that.  well i guess things change when your a parent.  you become so proud of the little being you've created that you want to shout it from the mountains and share it with the whole world.
we took an afternoon and dug around our basement for some props and waited till the light was just right and snapped a few pictures of lucy.  then mommy did some photoshop work and sent away for our cards.  it was super fast and easy and we think the cards turned out great!

i love to see the cards accumulating on our table.  people are really procrastinating this year still kinda low.

picture of lucy we put on the christmas card.

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