Friday, December 9, 2011

bolognese with a dash of christmas tree

i love bolognese sauce.  its one of my favorite classics.  simply put its tomato and meat sauce.  im not a huge fan of red sauces in general but i think the reason why i love bolognese is because its not a true red sauce, traditionally you add milk or cream and tomatoes are added minimally.  anyhow real bolognese sauce takes a few hours to cook and they add a few different types of meats.  well who has a few hours these days to just dilly dally around in the kitchen?!?  certainly not me!  so i came upon this truly yummy simple version of bolognese,  its so yummy you'll think its been simmering all day.  and best of all it takes less than 30 minutes to whip up!  so take that rachel ray!!

tadah! now tell me that doesn't make your mouth water!

after dinner we put some christmas music on finally got around to setting up our christmas tree.  lucy sat on the couch and watched daddy drag piece by piece of our giant christmas tree from the basement.  then we turned all the lights down and lit the tree up!  lucys eyes got really big and she stared at the tree.  she's probably wondering why there's a giant tree in our living room!

what do you think, i think she's got daddys eyes

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