Friday, December 16, 2011

weekend in pictures

im getting behind on uploading pictures to the blog.  i guess its alright since its the holidays and i can just say im busy.  here are our pictures from the weekend.

baked chicken drumsticks is a recipe that is in heavy rotation at our house.  its easy and healthier then the deep fried version, but just as delicious!  i need to work on some veggies other then broccoli!  i think brussels sprouts are in season?  will pick some up next week.  (i only cook mon-thur)

we took lucy to her first dimsum experience at sunflower.  too bad she couldnt have any.  nate and i do love us some dimsum.  especially the egg custard tarts for desert.  all the little ladies that push the carts around would stop and play with lucy, they said she's cute!  but we already know that.  =) 

then we played around in front of the christmas tree.  we tried to get lucy and max to sit for a picture.

EDIT:  so apparently on 11/17 i had already posted a pic of the baked drumsticks.  LOL! i told you guys it was in heavy rotation!

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