Tuesday, May 3, 2011


as we all know calcium is pretty important during pregnancy.  especially towards the latter part of the pregnancy according to my dr.  i have never been a big fan of milk.  i credit this to my childhood when my mom would make me drink endless amounts of milk everyday.  she believed milk was going to solve all my problems from being healthy to growing taller and being smart.  today people still believe milk is healthy but there's also new research that say milk is not really that good for us.  if you think about it we are the ONLY mammals that drink milk after we are grown, and not only are we the only mammals that drink milk after the baby years we drink ANOTHER mammals milk!!  you don't see a horse ponying up to a cow for milk or a dog trying to drink milk from a cat!
research also shows that our bodies really are not meant to break down the enzymes that cows milk is made up of.  another issue that i have with milk that far bothers me more then the belief that we are not meant to drink milk is what goes into our milk today.  the milk industry has changed so much since our parents time. we no longer get milk delivered fresh to our door from some local farm.  instead we buy milk by the gallons thats been shipped halfway across the country in some plastic jug thats offing BPA into our milk.  so not only is milk traveling distances milk is being mass produced, and to make it efficient so farmers can make more money they pump the cows full of hormones and antibiotics.  this way cows can make more milk faster which equals more money for farmers.  and since most milk farms are packed with thousands of cows in tight quarters with no room to move and get out there are diseases.  well now the farmers cant be having cows with diseases thats going to cost money and cut down on production so what do they do? they pump them with antibiotics!
so i can go on and on about this, there's so much more to the whole milk issue but to make a long story short im really careful of what milk i buy.  nate no longer drinks milk but back when he drank milk...HE DRANK MILK!  i'd never seen anyone drink that much milk.  he would drink a gallon of milk in less then a week completely by himself.  so it was really important that if my husband was consuming that much of one item it had better be of quality.  and thats when i stumbled upon snowville creamery.

snowville is a dairy farm located in ohio.  their philosophy is to process the milk as little as possible and get it to their consumer in the shortest amount of time.  once bottled their milk is delivered and on store shelves within 48 hrs!  to me thats crazy!  crazy fresh!  all their cows are pasture grazed which means they arent sitting in some pen getting fed corn 24/7.  they also do not homogenize.  and only pasteurize at very low temperatures.  homogenizing is not necessary, its purely a esthetics thing it just combines the milk so the cream and milk do not separate.  pasteurizing is required by law by the FDA to kill potentially harmful germys but most milk is pasteurized at unnecessarily high temps which depletes the milk of nutrients.

nate says snowville taste sweet and delicious compared to other milk.  im going to believe someone thats drank that much milk in his life.  so since ive been pregnant ive started drinking milk, its just the quickest and easiest way of getting calcium into my system.  of course you dont have to drink milk when your pregnant there are other ways of getting all your calcium requirements.   i dont mind it that much when its with oreos or chocolate cake. ;)  sweets!! yum! now thats a whole other blog post.
so go check out snowville if your local and the latest news ive heard they're coming out with chocolate milk!  they heard my cravings! lol!

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