Saturday, May 14, 2011


i have a momma bird nesting in my window box!  its a turtle dove, i've always loved these birds.  they make the prettiest coooing noises and they mate for life.  isnt that sweet!  every year when i start hearing their unmistakable cooo cooo  i know spring is here.
it's kind of ironic that i'm nesting and there's a turtle dove nesting with me =)  i check on it every day and often sit by the window where its nesting to work on stuff.  i think its used to me being here, maybe it finds comfort like i find comfort in it.  hopefully we get to see its babys hatch.  i will try to post an update when the time arrives.  oh and i put out some bird feed for it, but not sure if its eating it.  its such a dedicated momma bird i've only seen it leave the nest one time!!
i think its special and God sent the little bird to nest with me. =)

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