Friday, April 29, 2011

lunch with my favorite halfling

yesterday i had lunch with josh.  i hadnt seen josh since my first trimester when i was puking every five mintues.  what a difference a few months make!  we chose northstar for lunch, food was so so i had a burger but it seemed greasy.  i still think northstar is overrated but oh well they have yummy blueberry smoothies.

i was excited to see josh, he's always been one of my closest friends.  we were inseperable in college.  although we dont see each other that often nowadays its always like old times when we get together.  we've been through a lot together and he knows me well, better then anyone else.  he's got a killer memory and its always fun to rehash old escapades.  we laughed and ate and chatted about all topics from blowdryer diffusers to our last trip together to gay massages!  ha!  he's got a great masseuse referral if anyone needs one ;)

after lunch we went across the street to sprout soup, i wanted to show josh the cloth diapers we'll be using.  he loved them so much we agreed he needed a little baby so he can cloth diaper too!  but don't worry josh we'll have plenty of cloth diapers for you to change once the baby arrives! 

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