Tuesday, April 26, 2011


easter means 3 words to me, chocolate covered cherries!  every year joy makes candy from scratch for easter.  the most delicious chocolates that you'll ever taste, and certainly nothing you can buy at the store.  these are homemade yummyilicious little morsels that come wrapped in little foils.  she has made them every year since i can remember and they ONLY come on easter.  so its extra special because you get them once a year!  i wouldn't want it any other way, i think if they were made more often they wouldn't be as special.  and the funny thing is i've never ate or bought chocolate covered cherries at the stores, its just not something that i like.  but oh do i like these!  she also makes ones that are caramel filled and maple nut filled.  i hope one day you all get to experience one of these chocolates!

so along with the chocolates of course is the yummy easter meal we have.  there's always ham and potato salad, beans, mac n cheese and a plethora of deserts.  after we stuff ourselves silly someone inevitably brings up scrabble.  in the past years its usually just the adults, but recently its cute to see the kids are getting into it as well. =)  im sure scrabble will be a long standing tradition like the chocolates at easter!

mushroom hunting! yum

intense game

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