Friday, February 28, 2014

we've been in the midst of potty training and i think we have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel.  that tunnel hasn't really been that long.  we started exactly a month ago, and today would be day five that she has been accident free.  she hasn't had a pee accident in a long time.  i can't even remember when the last time that was maybe over 2 weeks ago?  she figured out the peeing very quickly.  the pooping has taken longer.  that was her last accident a poop one.  but she's been great the last five days.

lucy initiated the potty training.  i didn't push her and barely even talked about it.  we read a few potty books here and there but one day she just decided she wanted to pee and poop on the potty.  and she did both on the big potty with a toilet ring the first two days with zero accidents and we thought wow! this is going to be easy peasy.  then we took a trip to vail and i think that set her back a bit, along with my constant nagging.  i was so worried that she was going to have an accident i reminded her too much which resulted in her pushing back.  so for about a week she refused to go on the potty at all.  i was getting so frustrated and thought it was never going to happen.  i was also so tempted to put the diaper back on and just try a different time, but all my mom friends said don't put the diaper back just keep going.  so so glad i listened to them.  i let off on nagging her and voila she started going on the potty again.  we used stickers and M&Ms as a reward.  i never bought a small potty for her, didn't see a point in retraining from a small potty to the big potty later on.  she also goes on the public toilets with no problems.  the last few days has been especially great because she's been coming to me to tell me when she needs to go, i've not had to remind her.  we still put diapers on at night, and i'm not too sure how to go about night training.  a part of me just wants to jump into it, thinking after a few accidents at night she'll learn, but then i read different articles saying if their diapers are still wet in the mornings then they aren't ready.  right now i'm just happy she's potty trained during the day.

overall it's been a pretty quick process at least from what i've heard of other kids experiences.  i know this post is not particularly interesting but this is more for me, i want to remember how the process went.  and maybe it might be useful to lucy one day.  

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