Saturday, February 22, 2014

the leverettes came to visit us last week!  lucy had been talking about haddie visiting for weeks, she was so excited to see haddie.  we swooped them up from the airport and headed to keystone for a few days. the conditions were great and it was so much fun to have friends to ski with.  haddie did ski school the first day and by the second day she was skiing like a champ!  so proud of her.  can't wait until lucy is on skis.
keystone was beautiful, it was our first time there.  from the top you could see breckenridge in the distance.  i liked that i wasn't staring down on I-70 when coming down the front side of the mountain like at all the other ski resorts.  it was prettier!  i didn't expect to like keystone as much as i did, definitely a very family friendly ski place too.
after three nights in keystone we headed back to boulder.  they had two nights in boulder and we got to show them around.  it was wonderful to be able to share the draw of boulder with them.  i think now they truly understand how torn we are between colorado and ohio.  we took them hiking a few times, checked out the bike park and had a few great meals.  i could tell they loved the active lifestyle here and the sunny 60 degree weather was not too shabby either. 

so happy the levs came out to visit!  can't wait 'till you guys move out here ;)
miss you guys so much!

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