Friday, November 22, 2013

hey look!  i found those pics that i thought lucy had deleted from ryan, macy and mikes trip out to visit us last spring.  that was a great visit!  we drove out to rocky mtn n. park.  did a few hikes and drove trail ridge rd.  if you come out here during the spring or summer to visit us you are bound to get a trip out on trail ridge rd.  it's beyond what words can describe.  it's definitely not for the faint of heart driving up at over 11,000ft.  but it is amazingly beautiful.  pictures definitely don't do it justice.  when we took my parents this past summer, my mom had just gotten back from a trip to the swiss alps and she said that this was definitely comparable and just as beautiful.  so come on out everyone!

these pictures are so endearing to me.  they remind me that lucy should have family around more often.

there nate is again, off in some crazy spot with lucy

see those poles, thats so when it snows they still know where the road is. crazy the snow gets that high. 

i am so proud of ryan and macy, we took them on a pretty strenuous hike the second day they got here! who needs altitude acclimatizing!

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