Monday, November 25, 2013

we ran around town this weekend, trying to find a place that would service our boards.  little did we know everyone else had the same idea.  we planned a trip up to beaver creek over thanksgiving next week.  we couldn't get our snowboards in anywhere, you'd think in a town with probably over 10 ski shops or more we'd find somewhere.  oh well our boards are fine really nothing major.  nate and i really don't need to be going too fast anyways with both of our left knees not in the best conditions.

we also popped into the new h&m.  man there clothes are cheap, not the greatest quality though.  while waiting for nate in the dressing room i had a flashback of when me and all the girls were at h&m shopping for melissa's bachelorette party.  and sunara's pregnancy announcement there.  fun night fun times!  

we went down to pearl street last night for the lighting and santa clause.  lucy didn't seem as thrilled as she was last year at seeing santa.  she's feeling a little under the weather can't blame her.

what's going on with your hair lucy?

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