Thursday, July 25, 2013

we've been busy settling into our house and enjoying the summer here.  my parents have arrived and it's been nice with the extra helping hands around the house.  nate and i are taking advantage of it and have done a few things while lucy hangs out with my parents.  we decided to take a trip somewhere just the two of us.  i wanted to go out of the country somewhere i've never been but nate wanted to stick close in case we had to hurry home for lucy.  i guess you never know how she'll react.  we've each been gone from lucy a couple nights but she's always had the other parent there.  we'll see how it goes, i think she'll be fine.  nate and i are headed to yellowstone in a few wks.  i'm looking forward to it not only to experience yellowstone with nate but also a much needed break as a couple.  last time i was in yellowstone was over 20yrs ago,  i remember seeing lots of wildlife.  I'm hoping we see a grizzly bear! after our bear encounter we seem to have gotten over our fear.

lucy's been singing different little songs, in the car, in her stroller, and i've heard her singing in the crib. her favorite song that she demands as soon as she gets in the car is "pumped up kicks" foster the people.  what once used to be a pretty happy song for me has now turned into torture as i hear it about 50 times a day! 
lucy has also mastered the rocks on pearl st.  she climbs all over them.  she seems to like to scramble and climb rocks but funny i don't see her climbing anything else at home.  if we stay here i'm sure she'll be rock climbing.  boulder is like the rock climbing capitol of the country.  it's kinda of scary to think actually i'm not sure i want her getting into that.  well at least how they do it out here.  without ropes! it's called bouldering.
she's finally brave enough to go down the slides by herself.  and she doesn't seem to mind the swings that much anymore.  
we go on some long walks in the evening and we let her walk instead of the stroller.  she likes it and we hope it gets her ready for hiking.  because momma and dada are not giving up hiking even when your too heavy to carry.

hope everyone is enjoying summer!

favorite bear she sees every sunday

playing with nates tonka truck from when he was a kid

not sure why she does this but sometimes she places things in a certain way

dear living in our backyard.  bambi

celebrating ah-ma's birthday

pretty views on our walks around wonderland lake

oh how i wish we have our piano

hike nate and i went on


  1. Jill, I miss you so much I can't even stand it. It's all such bad timing with you guys moving out there and being tied to the baby right now. I'm sure we would've visited by now if Ben Ben wasn't here. I'm so excited for you and Nate to get out on a vacay together. Remember the days when you used to pack up and go to an awesome beach with no worries? ha! I guess that's why we all went babyless for so long. Have fun and don't worry, you're kiddo is in great hands with your parents at home!!

    lucy is so adorable, as always. miss you little gorgeous face.

    1. we miss you guys so much too! no worries trust me i understand completely.

  2. typo... your** kiddo is in great hands