Friday, July 5, 2013


it's been quite a long time since my last post.  nate's sisters family were in town to visit us for a week and that was great.  i was planning to do a post after they left and lucy went and deleted all of our awesome pictures from their stay here.  i think i might have a few on my phone and some that macy had left me, i will post more on that later.  after saying our sad goodbyes to them we had a week to quickly pack up and move.  our lease was up at our condo and we've moved a few minutes away to a house.  while the house is nice in a great neighborhood, we miss the energy and convenience of being downtown.  there's nothing like walking downstairs and being in the heart of it all.  we miss it.
it's taking us quite a bit of time to get unpacked here, mostly due to our lack of motivation.  we are also expecting my parents this sunday.  they will be staying with us through the summer.  we are really looking forward to that.  
give me some time to settle in and i will be back to the blog.

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