Wednesday, March 6, 2013


finally!  i've stopped procrastinating!!
it took lucy and i a little while to get over our horrible jet lag.  i was crashing out at 6pm and waking at 4am while lucy who you never hear a peep from once she's in bed cried for three nights straight.
then my computer was broken and i had to wait to figure out how to get it fixed.  then once it was fixed i had to update my iphoto etc yadah yadah.  and then FINALLY when everything was ready for me to blog, the thought of going thru all my pictures made me put it off for another week.
so yea that's my lame excuses right there.

we had an awesome time in taiwan.  i loved seeing all my family.  i have a HUGE extended family.  it was good to just soak up all the good familyness.  i loved watching lucy being doted on by everyone.  she loved her cousins, well second cousins.  i've never seen her so happy playing with kids.

we ate a lot of good food.  or should i say I ate a lot of good food.  i had bubble tea almost every day and when i say every day i mean 20 out of 23 days! yea scary but true.
lucy ate alright, some days she seemed to like the food other days not so much.

the plane ride there was way better then i'd ever expected.  luckily lucy got her own seat on the longest leg! she was occupied the entire time.  she definitely faired better then me.  by hour 16 of our 24hr journey i was about to rip the floatation device from my seat and jump plane.  it's hard when your traveling alone with a child.  i was so tired and the lack of sleep was getting to me.  and since we traveled through the day lucy wasn't sleeping much.  i vowed to myself i was NEVER flying by myself with her again.  and then i remade that vow on our flight back to the states.

but honestly i have to give it to her she did great and sat in her seat or napped.  i just kept doling out new toys.  i had a backpack packed to bursting with little new dollar toys and sticker books for her.  AND let me tell you that ipad is a lifesaver.  she doesn't get much electronic time at home so that was a huge deal to her.  and once she got to taiwan, she eased right into the time difference there.  i was afraid she'd be up all night.  and she was awake some in the beginning but all she did was lay quietly in her crib.  yea what a surprise that was to me.

chinese new years is a really special time in taiwan.  so glad lucy got to experience it.  she received lots of red envelopes.  they are all going right into her account.  it was great being with family and my parents.  i know they really enjoyed having lucy there.

well here's all the pics thats worth posting from my phone, gotta save the camera pics for another day.

at all the restaurants they had kid specific dinnerware to make eating fun, loved that!


first of many "hong boa"- red envelopes

i couldn't get enough of the food

a favorite fruit of nate's last time he was there, waxed apples

you starting to get the idea what i spent my time doing? =)

i had to try the famous beard papa cream puffs i hear about, not as good as my cream puffs tho!

i love this picture for its food and chaos thats what i miss most, family getting together and enjoying good food.
new years eve dinner, awesomeness! 

man selling cotton candy

spoiled, don't remember hanging out in airport lounges when i was her age.
the tokyo admirals club is pretty posh with some yummy food! the best inari i've ever had.

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