Wednesday, March 20, 2013

taiwan pt. 2

man there is so many pictures. i just picked a few here.
i miss taiwan, my family and the food!
lucy had a lot of fun there.  i haven't seen her that happy since.
we need to go back again soon.

we were trying to do a 4 generation pic.

watermelon seeds, yum

playground in my parents condo complex, pretty convenient

skating rink

looking at fish


super fun playland at the mall. i was impressed, motorized carousals, ride ons. very clean and they take your temperature to make sure your not sick, sanitize hands before you can enter.


my aunt and her grandkids

biggest fish eyes!

she never tired of playing with her cousins

cousins from up norths family-4kids!

this picture makes me laugh, their expressions!

these ride on animals that you drive around the mall.  the malls had whole floors dedicated to kids playing.  lucy love it!

lobster sashimi

my aunt meina and kitty

kaohsiung city lights

here's that 4 generation pic i was looking for

these are my grandpas sisters, they are funny and cute.  70+yrs old and as active as ever

my big 'ole family...well half


  1. omg!! so much to comment on!

    You have such a huge fam. looked like so much fun.

    Lucy loves your parents so much! She is having so much fun in the pics.

    I love all of the pics of her and the cousin.

    My favorite pic is of the "4 generations" and the one where lucy is sitting with her hands behind her head.

    I love the taking of the temp at the play area!!

    LOVE the pics from the first Taiwan posting too!

    1. dang! that's a long comment! lol! love it thanks!