Wednesday, November 7, 2012

to eat or not to eat

lately lucy has resumed eating.  nate and i are almost fearful to even bring it up lest we somehow disturb the eating gods.

its been weeks since she's been on her hunger strike.  she easts every meal that we eat.  and breakfast is one of her favorites.  sometimes she surprises me how much she eats for breakfast.  but i'm definitely not complaining.

she was stressing me out tremendously when she wasn't eating.  i would watch in envy at kids that shoveled food in their faces non stop.  i thought those moms with kids that ate like that were so lucky.  if only lucy was like that i would have no worries and complaints about that girl.  i finally just had to let it go and repeat 3 times a day what the dr said, "she'll eat when she's hungry and drink when she's thirsty."

we try continuously to make her the healthiest most nutritious foods.  whole wheat or whole grain pasta vs regular pasta, whole grain bread, greek yogurt vs regular for more protein.  she's not a big fan of meat so we have to get creative in the protein department.  i sometimes give her almond butter or peanut butter for protein despite my dr saying no nuts 'till 2.  we try to stay away from all processed foods and stick with real whole foods.  there was a list of 30 healthiest foods to eat that i've been consulting.  it's a great list for everyone.

i honestly think that she loves the foods that i ate when i was pregnant.  nate and i were strictly vegan (nate more so then me) when we got pregnant.  and even when i was further along i didn't crave meats.  the sight of bacon repulsed me and often turned down steaks for crispy fresh salads and cold yummy fruits.  during my pregnancy you could open my fridge and find at least 10 different types of fruits.  i rotated through them like they were going out of style!  and surprise surprise lucy LOVES fruits.  she hasn't met one she doesn't like.

so anyways, now that i've talked about it she'll probably go back on hunger strike but at least this momma isn't going to stress about it anymore.  my responsibility is to provide her with a plethora of healthy foods and its up to her to eat it!

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  1. I always say maybe my next child will be an eater. :) Hope she keeps up the good work!