Thursday, November 1, 2012

all hallows eve

the holidays are more and more fun with a kid.  i adored lucy's costume that nana made.  her wig was perfect and made her costume complete.  i was so surprised she kept her wig on.  it was cold and rainy outside and i think she didn't mind having it keep her warm.  this is such a cute costume we might be reusing it next year ;)

this morning we met up with my mommy friends and did a little post halloween get up with the kids.  they were all so cute with their costumes!  i love these ladies and their kiddos!  i see these ladies almost every morning and at any one given moment they are a fingertip away on my phone.  as if seeing each other every morning isn't enough, we often are group texting away during nap times.  they are my sanity and inspiration.  i am truly lucky for these ladies.  i will miss them when we move and i hope to find as great of a group in boulder.

cam cam the witch

my cute neighbors!

left to right: the bachelor, rabbit, peter pan, peep, bat, yoshi, raggedy ann
*the bachelor was really sad because she did not accept his rose* 

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