Monday, August 20, 2012

oh man we had a crazy weekend! there was lucy's birthday, a mom's night out, nate's baptism, and our first annual draft party (which took ages and ages!) but i'm excited for the season.
i can finally take a breathe of air and think wow i made it through the weekened alive and in one piece with clarity and sanity of mind.

man i am so far behind on my pictures, one of these days i'll get EVERYTHING done, my house will be spotless, i'll have zero loads of laundry, my floors will be so clean you can eat off them, all of my emails will be replied to, i'll look perfectly beautiful everyday when nate walks in the door, and they'll be homemade deserts everyday....but just for now i'm going to focus on living in the moment with lucy. =)

i'm looking forward to packing up and heading to some clear blue waters for some r&r.

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