Thursday, August 2, 2012

lucy's doing a lot better this week, especially this weekend when she was surrounded by love.  she had both sets of grandparents at her beck and call.  oh, she sure loved it.  you can see the happiness and excitement in her face having so many people loving on her.  i enjoyed seeing that. =)

we also got to go out a bit with our friends this weekend.  it was an enjoyable weekend.

she loves her "cam cam"
lucy really likes my dad.  its quite amazing actually whenever she's getting a little cranky my dad will swoop her up and they will sit outside for half hour at a time.  he talks to her about everything and points at the birds and bees and whatever.  i don't even know what they talk about for half an hour but she'll sit quietly nestled in his lap just listening to him.  it's sweet.
lucy loves her "ah gon" 

grammy made lucy a hat! it matches her sunglasses.

listening to the reds with grampy

two of her favorite people.
we used to hang out with our friends every weekend sometimes a few times a week.  our times together  are few and far between now but it makes it even more special and fun!

i love this group of guys!

our sweetest couple! love you guys!


  1. your little lucy is precious.

  2. what a great post! i love your pics of lulu and the gparents! those pics are priceless! and i just love the pic of the guys all together! it really does "fill my heart"! those words are stolen from nate btw! lol