Wednesday, October 26, 2011


lucy had her shots yesterday.  3 needles and 1 oral.  she's 23.5in long and 11.5lb.  she's in the 85th percentile for height and 65th percentile for weight.  she did not like the shots of course and howled.  she cried for a few minutes and when we got her settled down she fell asleep for a long nap.  she was kinda drowsy the rest of the afternoon, i had to wake her up to feed her. after her bath last night she seemed back to normal.  and today nothing unusual.

there's so much controversy with children's vaccines these days.  some people choose not to vaccinate some people choose a delayed vaccine schedule and some people just do what the doc says.  the biggest thing when i first started doing research while i was still pregnant was the whole autism linked with vaccines theory.  funny enough not too long after i started looking into this the dr from england that came out with the research about autism linked with vaccines was proved wrong.  there was a whole big deal about it because for so many years the trend had been for parents not to vaccinate because they were fearful of it being linked to autism.  they looked at his research and it was faulty and people said the whole thing was an elaborate fraud!  i stopped following it after awhile i think the dr went to trial and had his medical license revoked and everything.  but there's still people out there that cant let it go and still continue to believe that autism could be linked to vaccinations.  i guess for parents with an autistic child it would be tough to let that thought go when thats what you've believed and blamed for what happened to your child.

i always kinda knew that not getting lucy vaccinated was not an option.  we spoke with some friends that went this route and even they had their doubts sometimes.  i knew i couldn't continuously worry every time lucy got sick if it was something serious and wonder if we should've vaccinated.  even though these are my thoughts i still dont like the fact that our children in america are given so many shots at such a young age.  there's still this irksome idea in the back of my head that were being herded like sheep and im just following what everyone else does by vaccinating.  but you have to make a decision one way or other and i guess we chose to vaccinate and just pray they dont come out with some research 30 years down the road that says they've been putting such and such in our vaccines that causes such and such.

both nate and i are kinda weird when it comes to medications and shots.  nate doesnt even take advil for headaches, and flu shots we dont understand the thought process behind that. why would you inject yourself with something that the body considers foreign to prevent yourself from getting sick?  getting the common cold is natural everyone gets it every once in awhile and you should just let your body run its course and heal itself.  pumping your body with a bunch of crap drugs seems kind of silly to us.  now if you have a serious illness thats a different story.  anyways thats just our beliefs...we try to keep it as natural and simple as possible.
lucys demanding my attention! and im probably just rambling....gotta go!

update: what a coincidence, last night after writing this post i was watching the news and there was a report that said flu shots were only 59% effective in adults.  hmm odds are probably better that you wont even get the flu!

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