Tuesday, October 18, 2011

2 moons

we can't believe lucy is two months old already!  how time flies.  she's come a long ways since the first month.  she's growing up fast, most of her clothes are too short for her already and anything that goes on her feet are way too small.  she seems to be a long baby!
she's been sleeping through the night which everyone tells me we are very blessed.  by around five weeks lucy was sleeping from 11pm to 11am with 3 feedings.  she always goes right back to sleep after each feeding.  im lucky to be getting so much sleep!
since lucy has been sleeping so well we decided to try putting her in her own room friday night.  it was sad because her little bassinet by my bed was empty and our room was so quiet.  mommy and daddy didnt know what to do but stare at the monitor.  but we are proud of her for doing so well.  she slept like normal in her crib.  she looked so tiny in her big crib.
happy 2 months lucy!
lucy loves the bird mobile daddy made her!

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