Sunday, October 14, 2012

we made our little way to the yellow springs festival yesterday.  it's something we've done with nate's family every year since i can remember.  we always eat at the winds cafe and i always get their seasonal pumpkin lasagna.  so delicious!
i went back and looked at our trip last year when lucy was just a few months old.  you can see that post here.  its fun to compare what we did then and now.  we sat around and let lucy just play around in the leaves and enjoy the beautiful fall day.
we gave her a sip of lemon shake up and boy was that a mistake.  we had to hide that sucker from her for the rest of the day.  she loved the alpacas and reached into their pen to try to pet them.  

i wanted to add lucys aunt macy knitted her amazing dress!  


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  1. so cute! i love Lucy's face in all of the pics! scrunchie face is my favorite!!