Thursday, September 15, 2011

lucy will be a month old tommorow!  (not tomorrow but on the 18th).  in chinese traditions they have a big party and celebrate it!  ususally mommy and baby are supposed to stay home for the first month but we have not heeded the chinese tradition and have been taking lucy out.  its impossible to stay cooped up indoors!  i was out the very next day after i got back from the hospital, probably should've rested more but it felt great to get out of the house.  we didnt take lucy out till she was 2 wks old.  by that time nate and i were getting antsy to get out.  we've taken her to easton twice and her first arts festival which she enjoyed even though she slept the entire time. =)

the cloth diapers are going great!  people probably think im strange but i actually enjoy washing them and putting them out to dry.  it does take them forever to dry in the dryer so while the weathers still nice we've rigged up a little clothesline on our deck and are drying them outdoors.  i love all the colors!

our lovely friend joy has lent us her stroller and we've enjoyed taking her out on walks.
the best way we've discovered is with the moby wrap.  she goes to sleep right away when we put her in  it.  i think it mimics being in the womb and she likes being close to us.  its the only way i get anything done around the house.  i wear her in front like a little kangaroo in a pouch!

times up!  lucys crying cant believe i had enough time to update the blog!

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